What’s the Best Way to Lower the Center of Gravity in a Porsche 718 Boxster?

You might love your Porsche 718 Boxster for its sleek design, powerful engine and top-notch performance, but would you like to get even more from this sport car? One of the most effective ways to improve your car’s handling and stability is to lower its center of gravity. The lower the center of gravity, the better the car’s balance and the less likely it is to tip over or lose control when you’re driving around corners at high speeds. So, if you’re ready to take your Porsche to the next level, let’s explore the best methods to achieve a lower center of gravity.

Suspension Modifications

When it comes to lowering a car’s center of gravity, modifying the suspension is one of the most common and effective methods. A lower suspension means the weight of the car is closer to the ground, providing improved balance and handling.

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To achieve this, you might want to consider installing performance coils and shocks, which are specifically designed to lower the car’s height. You can also explore using lowering springs which are shorter than the originals and reduce the ride height of your Porsche Boxster. Remember, it’s critical to get suspension components that are compatible with your specific model.

However, lowering the suspension is not only about installing shorter springs or coils. You also need to look into getting high-quality struts and shocks. These components work together with the springs to absorb shocks and impacts, ensuring that your car’s ride remains smooth even after the modifications.

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Wheel and Tire Adjustments

Another area worth considering when aiming to lower your Porsche’s center of gravity is the wheel and tire setup. By choosing lower profile tires and fitting them onto larger wheels, you can achieve a lower ride height without affecting the comfort and safety of your car.

Lower-profile tires have less sidewall height, which means the car sits closer to the ground. When coupled with larger diameter wheels, they maintain the same overall diameter, ensuring that your speedometer and odometer readings remain accurate. These adjustments not only improve the car’s driving dynamics but also enhance its aesthetic appeal by giving it a more aggressive stance.

However, keep in mind that switching to lower-profile tires might make the ride a bit harsher as there’s less cushioning between the wheel and the road. Therefore, it’s important to balance your preferences for performance and comfort when making these changes.

Ballast Placement

If you want to further optimize your Boxster, consider the placement of ballast. This may sound a bit too track-oriented, but strategically adding weight to certain areas of the car can effectively lower the center of gravity.

The key to this method is to add weight to the lowest possible points in the vehicle. This could mean adding ballast to the floorboard or even under the seats. The goal here is to bring the car’s overall weight closer to the ground, thus lowering the center of gravity.

But remember, while adding weight might improve the handling and balance of your Porsche, it could also affect its acceleration and fuel efficiency. Therefore, it’s crucial to add only the necessary amount of weight and place it in the most optimal locations.

Aerodynamic Adjustments

You’ve probably seen sports models and race cars with front splitters, rear diffusers, and spoilers. While these features certainly add to the car’s sporty aesthetic, they also serve a practical purpose by enhancing the car’s aerodynamics.

A well-designed diffuser or splitter can help push the car down towards the road, effectively lowering its center of gravity. Similarly, a rear spoiler can add downforce to the rear wheels, improving stability and control.

You can consider adding these aerodynamic features to your Porsche Boxster to lower its center of gravity. But remember, each car is different and what works well on one model might not work as well on another. Therefore, it’s best to consult with a professional before making any major aerodynamic modifications.

Final Thoughts

Lowering the center of gravity of your Porsche Boxster can significantly improve its performance, stability, and driving dynamics. Whether it’s through suspension modifications, tire and wheel adjustments, ballast placements, or aerodynamic tweaks, each method has its own advantages and considerations.

Remember the old adage, "With great power comes great responsibility." With these modifications, you’ll be enhancing your car’s performance. However, it also means your car will require more attention and maintenance. Always consult with professionals and make sure any changes are done correctly and safely. This way, you’ll ensure your Porsche Boxster remains not only a thrill to drive but also a joy to own.

A Look at Some Practical Examples

If you’re considering lowering the center of gravity in your Porsche Boxster, looking at some practical examples could be beneficial. There are many available aftermarket modifications that you could consider.

For instance, Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs could do a commendable job of lowering the ride height. These high-performance springs have been designed to deliver improved turn-in response, reduced body roll, and enhanced cornering grip. They lower the Porsche’s center of gravity and significantly reduce squat during acceleration.

For tire and wheel adjustments, you could consider using 20-inch Carrera S wheels paired with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, which are praised for exceptional grip, quick steering response, and high resistance to hydroplaning.

In the realm of aerodynamics, a Porsche Boxster can benefit from the addition of a GT4 rear wing or a GT3 front splitter. These modifications not only significantly improve the car’s aerodynamics but also give it an aggressive, track-ready look. Remember to have these parts installed by a professional to ensure they are perfectly aligned and secured.

If you decide to add ballast, it’s crucial to add it in the right places. Aim to place the weight as low as possible. For instance, you could consider a heavier battery or adding lead weight plates under the seats. But remember the crucial point: don’t add too much weight, as it could adversely affect performance.

Porsche Cayman as an Alternative

If you’re a fan of Porsche and have an interest in a mid-engine sports car with an inherently low center of gravity, the Porsche Cayman could be worth considering. The Cayman shares many components with the Boxster, including the chassis and the powertrain. However, the Cayman’s fixed roof further lowers the center of gravity, giving it an edge over the Boxster when it comes to handling and stability.

Like the Boxster, the Cayman also responds well to modifications such as lowering springs, larger wheels with low-profile tires, aerodynamic additions, and strategic ballast placement. The price of the Cayman is also competitive, making it a viable alternative to the Boxster.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to lower the center of gravity in your Porsche 718 Boxster, from suspension modifications to aerodynamic adjustments. While these alterations can provide a noticeable improvement in handling and stability, they should be carried out with caution.

Remember, any modification to your Boxster requires an understanding of the car’s balance and dynamics. A lower center of gravity will likely improve your Boxster’s performance, but it may also increase the car’s maintenance needs due to the extra stress on various components.

Always consult with a professional before making any modifications to your vehicle. This ensures that changes are performed correctly and safely, thereby maintaining the integrity of your beloved sports car. With the right modifications, you can enhance your Porsche Boxster’s performance without compromising its comfort, safety, or aesthetics. Enjoy the thrilling ride and the attention your modified Boxster will inevitably receive. After all, there’s a reason why the Porsche Boxster consistently receives likes and admiration from sports car enthusiasts around the world.